erinmack's Journal

no one here is gonna save you
I'm a 35 year old Philadelphia native and longtime Bay Area resident. I recently finished my bachelor's degree in Scandinavian at UC Berkeley and spent half of 2008 living in Sweden. I live in Oakland with my partner, work as a substitute teacher, and am seeking my credential. I'm an experienced hitchhiker who's set foot on five continents and held most every job in the book - but I'm also a hyperorganized Virgo who's as domestic as they come. Most of my friends-only entries are about the inner workings of my heart and head, so if you're looking for entertaining pop-culture narrative, you've picked the wrong journal - otherwise, do say hello.

For those who are already on my friends list and who may have friends in common with me, online or otherwise, I ask that you keep anything I discuss in my journal private, as it was intended to be.
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